Leg Veins


Long-pulse Nd:YAG lasers offer the perfect solution for treating vascular lesions. Fotona’s long-pulse Nd:YAG lasers penetrate to a depth of 5-6 mm into the skin, allowing for highly effective treatments. Independent research shows that over 75% of patients with deep hemangiomas that are treated with Nd:YAG lasers see a dramatic regression in the lesion.

What does this treat?
This is for treatment of superficial “spider” leg veins.

Deep laser penetration and selective absorption in hemoglobin targets even the deepest and largest unsightly veins.
What can I expect?
There is some minor discomfort experienced during the procedure.

No downtime is necessary, but strenuous physical activity should be restricted for 24 hours and no sauna or hot-tub use recommended.
Who can get it?
This treatment is suitable for all skin types.
Before & After


Thighs / Lower Legs | $199/treatment area
Face | $99*